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Loos, France, RLG, Isovital Headquarter, march 18th 2020: Covid-19; radiopharmaceuticals transportation remains fully operational.
In this terrible and unprecedented period of time for the community, for patients and all medical teams, the RLG remains also fully mobilized.
Philippe Sueur, Isovital President stated: « I warmly thank for their professionalism and commitment our teams and partners whom, in full respect of regulation and official guidance, are still able to organize and deliver all the needed radiopharmaceuticals treatments for patients ».
Implementing its « pandemic flue procedure » and holding its permanent authorization, the RLG continues to complete all deliveries to hospitals and will pursue its efforts to maintain its radiopharmaceuticals transportation activities.

Radio Pharma Logistics Group (RLG) consists in the following companies: Isovital, Isolife and Isotopes Services International (ISI). The RLG group companies are specialized in the transportation of radiopharmaceuticals and sensitive materials for national and international companies. Since their foundation in 2005, Isovital and Isolife have had a constant and remarkable evolution. At the end of 2017, RLG has expanded in Belgium with Isotope Service International (ISI) acquisition. In 2019, more than 11.5 million patients received their care thanks to the actions of the RLG companies.

Contact RLG : Sandra Roque-Verhoye
+33 (0) 3 20 16 02 49

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