Since January 2020 :
patients treated thanks to the Radio Pharma Logistics Group

Who we are

The Radio Pharma Logistics Group unites ISOVital, ISOLife in France and, Isotopes Services International in Belgium.

RLG in few numbers

  • 50

    Such as the number of years of experience cumulated by our teams in the shipment and delivery of radiopharmaceutical and sensitive materials.

  • 24/365

    Such as the period when you can reach our operational platform based in the heart of the Eurasante health institute in Lille (France).

  • 1000

    Such as the number of shipments we complete every day for customers based in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

  • 11 millions

    Such as the number of patients who benefit every year from the operations and services completed by the Radio Pharma Logistics Group teams.

RLG in 3 points

  • 01.
    Nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy are entering a new era of growth and require unprecedented logistical expertise.
  • 02.
    Support our clients development and continuously set their satisfaction as a priority.
  • 03.
    Allow our clients to remain focused on their own core business by offering them a logistic service consistent with their needs and expectations.

Our news

Nuclear Medicine/ Radiopharmaceutical/Logistic

Loos, France, Isovital Headquarter, June 22nd 2020 – Radiopharma Logistics Group (RLG) ; ISOLIFE – AFNOR ISO 9001-2015 certification successfully renewed for the “organization of transport for radioactive and hazardous materials”.

Following the June 2020 AFAQ audit, Isolife is pleased to announce that is AFAQ ISO 9001 V2015 was successfully renewed for the “organization of transport for radioactive and hazardous materials”.

Fabrice Nibart, Isolife President said: “While the unprecedented COVID crises seems fading at last, I want to take the opportunity of this successful renewal, unique amongst radiopharma logistic companies, to thank our partners and our teams fully dedicated to serve our customers and their patients. In a still quite dynamic nuclear medicine market, Isolife proves again its determination to keep on progressing which is a DNA part of the RLG companies since their formation”.


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